About us

Contemi Solutions- accelerating digital transformation in the financial services industry

Contemi Solutions is a trusted technology partner to insurance, asset & wealth management, banking and other financial services institutions across the globe. Contemi’s modern, front, middle and back office technology solutions help them cost effectively streamline operations, improve agility and harness the power of innovation in the evolving world of cloud and digital platforms.

Our expertise covers the complete life cycle of wealth management, property & casualty and captive insurance. Our cutting-edge solutions for digital Customer Management, benefit & loyalty programs mobile Apps are being used in various sectors.

Contemi have been at the forefront of innovation in the insurance, wealth management and wider financial services industry for more than 25 years. Throughout this period we have looked upon our customers as partners, and asked them to help define the direction of our shared journey. And together we have successfully navigated many challenges. We have developed innovative solutions on the frontier where industry experience meets cutting edge technology, in a world of constant change and evolution. We have a record of ensuring our partners have the tools necessary to run their businesses, remaining compliant during a time of significant regulatory change, whist facilitating significant improvements in efficiency, supporting their growth and allowing them to ‘do more with less’.

Contemi Solutions has presence in the UK, Norway, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and Vietnam. The comprehensive offering of Contemi aims to provide modular solutions to the financial services institutions across the globe, particularly in Asia, Europe and Australia.

Rune Olsen Arenberg, executive vice president and COO of Vardia group said

“There is no doubt that Contemi's solutions are a perfect match for our business model, where active use of call centres, and cooperation with large member organisations are central.

In addition we see that Contemi is a well-run company, consisting of skilled people, and that the solutions are built on a modern platform that is being continually developed. When they have also proven that they are able to tailor the solutions to our business model and our growth, it's easy to see that we chose the right partner for our most critical IT-solutions”.

A Global leader in the Insurance, Asset & Wealth Management and Capital Markets Software Industry