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21 January, 2021

A Leading Nordic MGA Achieves Substantial Efficiencies Using Contemi Guarantee Management System


HouseOfGaantees (HOGS), one of the leading insurance agent companies in the Scandinavian market, modernised its guarantee insurance environment with Contemi’s Guarantee System. By aiding in their modernisation and streamlining process, Contemi Solutions have helped them become a modern and most efficient company within the industry.


HOGS is a Managing General Agent (MGA) in the Scandinavian market, registered with the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority and the Swedish Financial Supervisory. HOGS Issues guarantee in Norway and is planning to expand to other Nordic countries in the near future, on behalf of its risk-carrier partner, Liberty Specialty Markets. Liberty is the world's leading company in warranty products and "A Strong" rating by S&P, Moody's and AMBest.

HOGS have extensive experience in the insurance industry and have a long-term perspective on their commitment to build the Nordic region's most professional guarantee insurance environment known for good customer service, top professional competence, and high integrity.


  • Inability to Provide Modern Digital Customer Experience

Consistent with their brand ethos, HOGS wanted to deliver modern and distinguished service experience to their customers and become an innovative MGA in the Norwegian guarantee market.

  • Legacy Systems with Paper-Based Guarantee Process

The manual and document intensive core processes were resulting in higher turnaround times, operational costs, and inefficiencies. Processing customer applications and generating policies were a time-consuming affair. Further, manual processes and complexity hampered the resource productivity and customer experiences.

  • Competitive Risk from MGAs With More Advanced IT Systems

HOGS wanted to digitally transform their processes to overcome these challenges and offer an enhanced, modern customer experience. Therefore, they were looking for an agile digital platform for their core processes, which would also shorten time to market and make company more competitive.


In order to achieve its objectives, HOGS decided to implement Contemi’s Guarantee system. Because guarantee is a complicated process, with several system components to track, and many IT interdependencies, they were impressed with Contemi’s knowledge of the insurance sector and it’s in depth experience in the development and deployment of complex financial technology systems.

Contemi Guarantee Management System

  • Contemi Guarantee module is deployed at the core of their business, its where HOGS issues and stores all policies and data. To supplement this, several other modules are used such as the Customer Relationship Module, User Management, Documents, Templates, Reports etc. Integrated with a robust underwriting engine, finance system, public business registries, rating algorithms and e signature service, the system streamlines these workflows and connects critical parties in the guarantee management lifecycle. It acts as a centralised hub to process, communicate, inform, and gain intelligence that is crucial in improving product quality and customer experience.
  • In addition to the core system, sophisticated front-end portals for their customers and employees are seamlessly integrated. The self-service portals empower their advisors and customers to self-serve, relieving them of handling cumbersome tasks.

With predefined workflows, Contemi Guarantee system engenders paperless and automated process, providing a modern infrastructure for digital distribution and servicing. Automated processes include only necessary information in the workflow, reducing redundancies and increasing productivity. Aided by configurable rules and process workflows it reduces manual intervention in different phases of the guarantee management cycle. Modernisation with Contemi Guarantee system has changed their day-to-day operations.


Without disruption to the business, HOGS have gone from highly manual, paper-based processes to highly automated, digitised ones. They are already seeing a big improvement in performance with the new system. They have achieved operational efficiencies, increased employee productivity and delightful customer experience. HOGS could now offer new products to its customers in a shorter span of time. This resulted in higher sales and a competitive edge in the market.

The implementation had the following impact on their company-

  • Nearly 70 Man Hours Saved Per Month
  • 40% Reduction in Time to Market
  • 99% Reduction in Time to Market (SMB)

Contemi Guarantee Management System Benefits


“By aiding in our modernisation and streamlining process, Contemi Solutions has proved itself as a very reliant partner for our company, excellent communication throughout all project and easy setup for cooperation. Contemi has been one of the key contributors in helping HOGS becoming the most modern and efficient company within its industry“, Kristian Opsahl, CFO, HouseOfGuarantees.

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