Claims for Captives

Efficient and straightforward claims handling for Captives

Claims handling for captives is signified by different needs based on industry, multi-national business including use of reinsurers often using intermediaries and brokers. Contemi's claims module for Captives takes all of these factors into account before the claims handling begins.

Complete claims handling for Captives

The module can be used in a complete Contemi -solution or as a standalone module integrated with existing core-solutions. The Claims module is flexible and configurable, and is adapted to the individual needs of each company. Different countries rules and regulations are taken into account, and enables settlement in local or international currency. The solution is integrated with the policy- and reinsurance module and provides two-way support between the systems, as well as with the financial system. Overall, it provides immediate access to all relevant information required to initiate claims handling.

Claims for captives is a modern and proficient claims module with advanced functions for notifications and communication between involved parties as well as possibilities for automated claims handling and workflow.

• Effective claims settlement for Captives and all involved companies
• Provisioned for automated claims settlement and workflow
• Digital communications with notification routines towards all parties
• Seamless integration with additional systems, e.g policy, reinsurance and economy
• API based interface and provisioned for integration with other core-systems