Policy for Captives

Policy Module tailored for Captives

The Policy Module which is the Core of the Insurance Solution is tailored for effective policy management based on different products from different branches and providing a user-friendly interface.

Manage all insurance needs for Captives

Contemi Policy for Captives has been developed fundamentally for effective policy management for Captives. The solution is multi-lingual with support for international organisations, integration with parent company and other companies and handling of different currencies and different methods for premium calculation.

With suitable and flexible tools for product configuration, its easy to setup new services to secure continuous development and sustainability. This module handles all type of products and insurance objects within Captives, and takes care of precise handling of provisions and premium payments, taxes and currency adjustments in line with the regulations of different countries.

The solution is highly scalable with the development of the company and the insurance portfolio. This module can be used for integration to existing core systems or as part of the complete Contemi Insurance Platform.

• Policy management tailored for international organisations
• Simple setup of new products
• Support for direct and indirect organisations
• Precise handling of taxes, fees and provisions
• Quick migration from existing systems through import tools
• Easy branding with each Partner setup