Dashboard and effective customer service

360 degree overview of policies, claims, reinsurance agreements etc.

Dashboard for Captives works as a portal to the Core System and gives a simple and user-friendly access to all policies and customer information. The Captives can offer companies within their organisation limited access to the Dashboard where they can follow-up policies with related claims both on an object and on Policy level. This simplifies the management on the organisation level.

Simple access to all information

The Dashboard for Captives is customised for individual needs to information and tasks and gives:

• Full overview of all companies associated with the Captive
• Good overview of all reinsurance agreements with related organisation structure and costs.
• Simple overview of information associated with policies and their related claims.
• Advanced search functions on different criterias
• User-friendly and effective customer service
• Customised use for companies associated with the Captive and other partners, brokers, agents etc.
• Integration with Email and Calendar.