Finance for Captives

Easier access to financial information

Finance Module for Captives makes Financial data available from different modules or parts of the Insurance platform like Policy, Claims, Reinsurance etc.

Simplifies processes at all levels

This module makes the financial data available in realtime from all different parts of the Insurance platform for effective integration with the customers Accounts system.

Via a seamless API, the data is transferred from the Insurance Solution to the Accounts System for Accounting, Invoicing, Crediting, Payments etc.

The Captives can handle all companies risks and often use other insurance companies, brokers and middlemen to cover the companies total need in a multi-national setup.

Simple access to updated financial data is important at different levels in the company and accounting should always be accurate. The Finance module gives:

• Integration to Accounts systems using APIs
• Simple and effective accounting, cost distribution, invoicing, crediting
• Integrated with the Policy, Claims, Reinsurance and other modules
• Simplifies and automates important business processes