Contemi Reinsurance System for P&C Insurance

A fully-fledged solution for Reinsurance

Contemi Reinsurance System is a full-fledged solution for reinsurance, which includes Agreements overview and Claims handling for the Reinsurers.

A module for all companies using reinsurers

Contemi Reinsurance offers a full-fledged reinsurance module for all companies that use reinsurers. The solution consists of all necessary tools for risk analysis, distribution, and overview over the companies cost breakdown in a simple and intuitive user interface.

Reinsurance can be complicated and detailed with many parties involved in various levels. The module covers all areas of reinsurance including agreement management and distribution of costs, risk and payments. Based on significant experience, we deliver a customised module that makes reinsurance less complicated, with better overview and less risk involved such that the companies get an overview of costs of the related agreements.

• Full agreements overview with finance information at various levels
• Easy to setup new agreements with multiple levels
• Detailed Reports
• Integration with Core systems