Contemi Reports for P&C Insurance

Daily and periodical reporting

Good reporting tools is a necessity to be able to take the right decisions in a dynamic market. Contemi's solution is developed for daily and periodic reports for all areas of Insurance.

Reports customised for each department

Good reporting tools are an important success factor, both for capturing the risk involved and to be able to quickly adapt to changes in the market. Contemi's Reporting tools are developed for daily and periodical reports across Claims, Policies, Sales, Products, Invoice and they make up a primary management tool at different levels in a company.

A good reporting solution makes it easy to follow the profitability of the portfolio with related claims and price sensitivity. It gives good navigation possibilities with respect to each departments needs for reports, all in a modern interface.

Success depends often on being able to take quick decisions based on correct and timely information. Contemi's reporting tools consists of:

• Daily updates of data based on the needs of the company
• Distribution in various forms via fixed reports, dashboard or analysis tools.
• Integration to Policy, Claims, Reinsurance, Accounts and also other Core Systems.
• Tailor made reports for each department according to their needs.
• Solvency reports or other reports to authorities.