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09 March, 2021

Contemi Solutions Appoints Executive Board

Contemi Appoints Executive Board

9 March 2021 (Singapore): Contemi Solutions, a leading provider of software solutions to financial services companies, today announced the creation of the Contemi Executive Board (CEB). The company has appointed four of its leadership members to the Executive Board. The Executive Board is an important step in developing Contemi into a leader in IT solutions for financial services companies in Asia/APAC and Europe.

The newly appointed Executive Directors are:

Kean Williams, appointed as Executive Director-Global Operations, will be responsible for Contemi’s global operations. Kean’s focus is on improving solutions delivery to offer better services to Contemi clients.

Gaurav Mehta, appointed as Executive Director- Global Sales, will be responsible for Contemi’s sales and marketing. Gaurav will focus on building out Contemi’s sales function and brand across APAC, Europe, and other strategic global locations.

Daniel Thafvelin, appointed as Executive Director- Global SaaS, will lead Contemi’s SaaS division. Daniel will drive the company’s SaaS strategy and Contemi’s focus on the success of clients. He will be responsible for innovation and revenue growth for the company’s SaaS offerings, beginning with the recently launched Seamless insurance solution.

Gopala Subramanium remains as Chief Financial Officer. Gopala will be responsible for the overall financial management, HR and Legal, with a focus on capital allocation, external stakeholder communication, and efficient, effective, and compliant operations.

Alexander Krefft will retain the role as Group CEO, with the newly appointed Executive Board increasingly making operational decisions. Contemi’s corporate Board will continue to make strategic decisions for the group.

For Contemi Clients, the Contemi Executive Board means an enhanced focus on them and their success, closer partnerships, new business models, customer value, and more efficient operations. Over time, Contemi expects its clients to benefit from solutions that meet their business needs, consistent operations, streamlined product innovation, and more efficient delivery.

Commenting on the appointments, CEO Alexander Krefft said, “The composition of the Contemi Executive Board is a direct expression of our strategic focus on growth, sales, SaaS, customer success, and continuous improvement. It reflects the company’s belief that a multi-disciplinary team from its key geographies and business lines, when provided with good data and a sense of urgency, will be able to create the best outcomes for Contemi’s clients and the Contemi family.” “Please join me in congratulating the new Contemi Executive Board Team,” Alex added. “I’d like to thank them and all of our employees for their continued dedication to make grow Contemi’s position as a leading provider of IT services to the financial services industry.”

Background of the members of the Executive Board

Kean Williams

Kean, based in the UK, heads the Global Operations at Contemi having previously managed the Post-Trade and Wealth Management technology business of Contemi. He has 34 years of experience in Financial services, which includes 21 years in Contemi and their acquired businesses. Kean has rich experience in strategic planning and implementation of key processes, systems and delivery excellence across the company, guiding and directing an enterprise through substantial change management utilising strong and effective leadership. Prior to joining Contemi, Kean worked at the London Stock Exchange for nearly 10 years being part of their renowned Graduate Placement scheme and went on to run all participant rollout of the then ground breaking T+10 and T+5 settlement changes in the early 1990s before helping with the transition to CREST in 1996.

Gaurav Mehta

Gaurav, based in Singapore, is heading the Business Development for Contemi in South East Asia. He has over eleven years' experience working across a range of sectors and countries in Asia. His most significant experience lies in financial services, technology, and media sectors where his work includes business development, strategy negotiation, business planning, and sales.

Daniel Thafvelin

Daniel, based in Norway, is responsible for Contemi’s transition towards a true SaaS provider, focusing on solutions that create real business value. Norway and the Nordics have been home for Contemi since its inception and the company has a long-term commitment to the region. Daniel holds a master’s degree in Political Economy from The University on Manchester, with a specialisation in Finance & Busines. He is a strong technology services professional with over 10 years’ experience in the software and services industry, having held commercial and customer facing roles in companies like Software Innovation, Storebrand, Tieto and Cxense.

Gopala Subramanium

Gopala is the Chief Financial Officer at Contemi Group, managing financial strategy and overseeing all financial & treasury operations, business planning, mergers & acquisitions, integrations, and investor relations for the group. Gopala has over 20 years of rich & varied experience across the global financial service industry including capital markets, broking, asset management, mutual funds & insurance. Previously, Gopala held various senior finance leadership roles for global technology and financial services companies.

About Contemi Solutions

Contemi Solutions has been a technology provider for the insurance industry since 2001. As an insurance technology veteran of 18 years, Contemi entered a new era was with the investment from Triple P Capital, an expert investor in financial services focusing on high-growth businesses that reach emerging consumers. Since Triple P’s investment in December 2018, Contemi has more than tripled its business, and in rapid succession added two additional business lines to its financial services IT portfolio, transforming Contemi Solutions into a global software powerhouse with a broad FinTech offering for insurance, investment, asset & wealth management, banking and capital markets. The company currently supports customer in 11 countries through a team of over 200 employees spread across 7 offices, including 4 developments centres, strategically positioned to ensure local support across global time zones.

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