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Get actionable insights from your data and a 360-degree view of your business to make smart decisions

In today’s data-driven world, analytics play a crucial role in informed decision making processes for small and large organisations. Businesses are increasingly looking to leverage data to drive efficiency, mitigate risks, grow revenues and improve margins.

Contemi’s award winning Analytics solution provides intuitive, real-time intelligence helping you to make informed decisions. Customisable dashboards and visualisations use data from multiple sources to provide clear business intelligence, management information, compliance oversight and clear risk indicators to any stakeholder.

Due to the flexibility of the platform, the Analytics solution supports a wide range of roles and functions across the entire organisation.

Reduce Cost & Risk

Faster insight to your data drives productivity up and costs down

Deliver detailed Management Information at much lower costs

Actively monitor compliance obligations – measure, manage and mitigate risk

Ensure that opportunities are not missed by identifying trends and patterns within your data

Oversight of all your data helps identify potential anomalies before they become an issue

Increased Growth

Develop effective business strategies - measure and report performance against objectives

Retain existing business and win new customers

Greater process efficiency facilitates business growth and reduces incremental costs

Improve Service

Enhanced customer service and retention

Gain competitive advantage with products and enhanced customer service

Seamless integration of any data source both internal and/or external


Dashboards provide clear, customisable and insightful visual analysis

Visualisations enable intuitive graphical analysis and presentation

Data aggregation and drilldown functionality


Performance reporting for your company, executives and clients

Actionable alerts and notifications driven by your MI

Create scheduled and ad-hoc reports based on a combination of visualisation or dashboard


Continuous monitoring and real-time analysis into operational functions

Real-time monitoring of trading, operations and compliance

Monitor Key Performance indicators of your investment managers for growth and competitive edge

Data Sources

Sourcing of data from multiple sources - either from WIN's modules, market data, accounting packages and/or other external sources

Flexible and scalable to process large volumes of data from different sources

Analytics can ingest data from any part of WIN's wealth management suite empowering people to make quicker decisions and increase efficiency

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