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Automate and streamline Payments and Receivables for efficient Cash and Risk Management

A client ultimately invests money today in the hope that it will grow, and that they will able to drawdown against this increased value in the future. Clients drawdown funds for many reasons. Regardless the nature of the drawdown clients will expect excellent service, in addition to you having the necessary checks and controls in place to protect their funds from mismanagement and fraud. And as ‘instant’ becomes the norm, there is increased pressure to provide these services in a timely manner, possibly within one working day.

Payments and Withdrawals are becoming a growing challenge within the Financial Services industry due to complexity and volume. Contemi’s Banking and Cash Management module provides the ability to automate, schedule and streamline these processes whilst providing oversight of the entire operation. It provides flexible workflows enabling true straight through processing from the receipt of any instruction through to the execution of the payment. It allows an organization to balance the level of automation and speed of processing, against perceived risks and requirements for management control, whilst still providing the desired levels of customer service.

Better Customer Service

Comply with client cash instructions, on time, every time

Provide the flexibility for clients to initiate external and internal movements across any combination of currencies, investment and bank accounts

Peace of mind that their money is safe, and that checks and control will prevent any incorrect or fraudulent cash movements

Better transparency on both inbound and outbound cash movements, ensuring availability for investment at the earliest opportunity

Reduced Risk

Process automation from initiation through to bank instruction, and monitoring through to final execution ensures that no payment is missed

Flexible rules based workflows ensure that authorisations and approvals are not only managed, but managed efficiently in accordance to your risk policies

A single, fully integrated module centralises information and processing, reducing the risk of manual / double keying of instructions and their associated SSIs and supporting documentation

Monitoring and tracking to make sure that no expected receivable or collection is missed or miss managed

Cost Benefit

Automation and “straight through processing” provides a better, more consistent client outcome at a lower transaction cost

Centralising all the components necessary to create, authorise and manage payments and receivables, significantly reduces internal manual effort

Facilitates the full spectrum of automation from semi manual through to complete STP and ‘management by exception’, allowing organisations to choose the level of cost benefit, balanced against control and risk

Future proof your business by ensuring increases in volumes do not become detrimental to increasing the size of your business

Banking and Cash Management

A single solution to manager both the payment and receipt of cash including regular and ad-hoc payments, one off investments, regular savings and direct debits

The ability to initiate internal cash movements across custodial accounts, individual client accounts and / or currencies for general purposes or to fulfil an instructed payment

One home in which to collect and manage all client and third party banking information and payment details

A calendar view of upcoming cash banking movements and full integration to Contemi’s Reconciliation Module

Payment Processing

Workflow based automation provides flexible processes, authorisation (attaching supporting documentation, four eyes etc.) and exception management to facilitate true ‘management by exception’

Planned and ad-hoc payments can be created within the module or initiated from a third party platform / back office solution. Supporting evidence can be attached to each movement to aid authorisation

Individual, bulk and regular payments can be automatically routed to the relevant bank or client money manager, to initiate actual transactions

Open Banking APIs are available for organisations who manage client money inhouse


Administration setup and management of direct debits, including the automatic initiation and routing of the instruction for collection

Standing order frequencies, dates and amounts can be recorded, and cash receipts monitored against expectations

The ability to track anticipated ad hoc receivables against a known client commitment and manage any non receipt exception, and alleged receipts against known client banking details

Allows the capture of debit card initial investments on self-service or assisted service account opening and ad hoc account top ups