Client Lifecycle Management

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Automate your client journeys and deliver customer-centric financial solutions while remaining compliant

Digital transformation, stringent regulatory requirements, and evolving customer expectations force financial services institutions to develop new client management strategies which can improve customer experience, business revenues and ensure regulatory compliance.

Onboarding is the first opportunity for insurance agents, asset and wealth managers, broker-dealers, banks or any financial service firm to win over new clients. A seamless onboarding helps firms to improve customer experience and business profitability.

Contemi Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution is designed to transform the client experience by digitalising prospecting, onboarding, customer management and the regulatory process. It covers every aspect of modern Client Lifecycle Management, from initial prospecting to signing as client, onboarding, KYC/AML compliance and client data management.

Contemi CLM solution empowers financial institutions to improve risk mitigation and efficiency in their overall client onboarding and KYC lifecycle.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

A positive experience is initiated through seamless onboarding and it impacts retention, customer life time value and profitability positively

Client retention and revenue maximisation strategies based on the client data

Improved Compliance, Reduced Cost

Automated KYC, AML checks facilitate more efficient onboarding, improve compliance and reduce operational costs

Reduces risks of compromising the client data

Integrating technologies and services enable FIs to share data across departments & business units, increasing efficiency and boosting revenue

Potential for increased sales by winning new clients faster and with more cross sell and up-sell opportunities

Better Transparency & Controls

Reduce errors, frustration and ensure speed as you don’t have to enter information more than once and can access everything online

Enhanced data quality leading to better visibility, consistency in data and effective control across the entire lifecycle process

Data re-usability due to centralised data sourcing and distribution

Automated Onboarding, AML & KYC Checks

Provides complete digital onboarding to reduce the industry average onboarding time of 21 days

Real time KYC & AML check results within 6 seconds

IDV (Identification verification) checks using document scrubbing, facial recognition and machine learning technology

Online document management, operational readiness enablement, and application configuration

Automates the process and messaging for the transfer of existing assets

Complete audit trail of every document, data, and policy that was used to complete onboarding and achieve compliance

Automated data collection and account opening processes

Client Lifecycle Management

Track your prospect from initial contact through to signing as a client

Retain existing business and win new customers

Web based onboarding allows client self-service, relationship / investment manager assisted service and remote back office data input

Risk / capacity for loss questionnaires, the automatic allocation of risk mandate and trading restrictions

Transform initial onboarding to KYC/AML and regulatory compliance, to data management and ongoing client management

Scalable Integration & Customised Workflow

Seamless integration into existing trust/wealth management systems

Flexible enough to evolve according to new regulations

Right combination of best in class technologies and intelligent analytics

A default workflow and governance engine that can be used to automatically assign tasks to various internal resources and groups

Customised workflows, controls validations and authorisations to support your organisational needs

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