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Automated, paperless and omni-channel onboarding to improve your client and advisor experience, minimise processing time and increase conversions

Client onboarding in wealth management, private banking and wider financial services industries is often hindered by back-and-forth paper-intensive process and frequently changing compliance requirements.

Today, customers want the speed, ease of use, and personalised products through their preferred channels. Advisors want to spend less time on administrative tasks and have more profitable client relationships. Companies want to lower the cost to serve existing clients and more transparency to reduce operational and compliance risks.

Contemi Onboarding Software digitalizes end-to-end client onboarding process. Leveraging advanced technology, it enables financial service firms to easily capture, store, review and update data. The solution makes compliance and regulation checks across multiple jurisdictions faster and easier.

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Enhanced Customer Experience

Onboarding times are down to a matter of hours, instead of the industry average (22 days)

Frictionless onboarding experience creates a tangible service differentiation, enhancing conversions, building customer loyalty and retention

Reduced paperwork and seamless digital onboarding allow customers to immediately start using the products and services, which sets the tone for profitable client relationships

Operational Efficiency

Automated workflows give more time to compliance teams to focus on managing risk as opposed to process and administrative tasks

Reduced manual processes give advisors more time to serve clients and boost their productivity

Reduced Costs & Risks

Eliminates the expenses on labour-intensive record keeping and data storage process

Automated compliance checks (KYC, PEP, background checks, etc.) reduce errors and limit security risk

End-To-End Digital Onboarding

Customers can open an account in minutes from the comfort of their own home or on the go, without advisor supervision

Quick and easy IDV (Identification verification) checks in real-time using document scrubbing, facial recognition, and machine learning technology

Automated risk investment profile assessment

Prospects and clients can digitally sign (E-Signatures) account-opening agreements electronically in a secure, convenient, and legally compliant way

Clients can opt for self-service or relationship / investment manager assisted service

Multidevice access for clients and wealth managers

Automated Due Diligence

Automated real-time KYC & AML check results within 6 seconds

Global PEP, sanctions check, monitoring as well as in-built risk algorithm to calculate client suitability

Regulatory compliance management across multi jurisdictions and entity types

Online document management, operational readiness enablement, and application configuration

Digital storage allows clients to upload and retain all their important information to make it easier to interact with their advisor

Customised Workflow & Seamless Integration

Seamless integration into existing operations and technology infrastructure

Flexible enough to evolve according to new regulations

Provides complete visibility into onboarding cycle times to identify and resolve any inefficiencies

Configurable workflows and questionnaires with API integrations ensure data integrity and a simple yet effective UX

Gives a complete view of client information and history

Real-time reporting dashboards

Flexible deployment, can support on-premise and private/public clouds

Completely bespoke based on the firms needs