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Modern, easy to use reporting tools to gain insights across the entire business

Many studies have shown that customer service, or the lack of it, is the single greatest reason for your clients to leave you. Client reporting is one aspect of client service, and although it can have its initial challenges, it is one that through automation is easy to get consistently right. Reporting also help in capturing the risk involved and to be able to quickly adapt to changes in a dynamic market.

Contemi’s comprehensive Reporting solution produces professional, branded output for both internal and external use. Not only it provides class leading client reporting, but also validates the data it is using to ensure that reporting is done once, and that it is done correctly.

The reporting solution provides daily and periodical reports across Claims, Policies, Sales, Products, Accounting and Reinsurance. It makes it easy to follow the profitability of the portfolio with related claims and price sensitivity. Functionality to produce consolidated reporting for families or groups of portfolios. Clients can be grouped together for reporting and/or investment management purposes.

It gives good navigation possibilities with respect to each department’s needs for reports, all in a modern interface.

Reduced Risk & Cost

Faster insight to your data drives productivity up and costs down

Time travel to view data, as it was, at any time in the past

Reduce the cost of state mandated reporting requirements with an easy-to-use service

Ensure that your client reporting is complete, accurate, and timely

Keep the regulators at bay by remaining compliant with all regulatory reporting requirements

Enhanced Customer Services

Accurate data submission and reporting leads to improved customer service

The data will empower you to customise your services in accordance to the customer’s situation, preference, risk profile and behavior.

Improve your client servicing and retention by providing accurate and timely reports to your clients, and their accountants, trustees and layers

Use the delivery of reports as a client interaction opportunity

Automate report creation and validation, freeing up your resources to concentrate on other client service activity

Enable Growth

Improved client reporting services will facilitate retention and increase referrals, which in turn will lead to better organic growth of your business

Automation of the reporting process ensures that this complex and challenging function doesn't place an artificial ceiling on your company's growth

Internal reports can provide a better understanding of how and where your business is growing, allowing better decisions and the more efficient distribution of investment

Improve Productivity

Client and regulatory reporting is a time consuming activity, but increased automation and confidence in the quality of output should allow you to manage more with less

Create internal reports used to analysis your business at a granular level, identifying bottlenecks and areas requiring improvement

Effective Decision Making

Holistic view of your data

Support to create additional reports you need for your business

Improved decision making with access to vital metrics

Client Reporting

Client reporting packs can be construct from one or more component reports such as performance, valuation, transactions, cash, fees, tax & CGT, model variance and market commentary

All out put can be branded to your corporate identity, and to that of third parties to which you might be providing platform services

Reports or reporting packs can be bespoke to an individual client or generated for a group of clients, additionally they can be specific to a persona (a client's accountant, trustee etc.)

Reports can be generated for a single account or across complex reporting groups including several accounts and/or multiple individuals (family groups etc)

Quality and accuracy is ensured by pre and post report generation validation, including missing data, erroneous data and other outliers

Regulatory Reporting

The Reporting module ensure compliance with the reporting requirements of regulations such as MiFID II and FATCA

Internal Reports

The flexible nature of the reporting module allows the creation of internal management reports

Management reports can be easily bundled into board packs, automating this time consuming, usually manual task

Report Scheduling and Distribution

All reports and reporting packs can be run on a ad hoc basis or part of a scheduled reporting process

Distribution can be via a client/third party specified, preferred channel including secure delivery though a portal, email or traditional post

Copies of reports can be archived to the WIN or third party document management system