Corporate Actions Management

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Digitalise end-to-end Corporate Actions processing to mitigate risks and improve productivity

Research shows that corporate actions continue to be an area of significant risk and poor automation. The historic high cost and inefficiency of systems has led to the utilisation of mature, manual processes, which over time have been accepted as the norm.

Contemi's Corporate Actions solution is designed to break this norm by providing a complete, automated solution which will be cost effective for the smallest financial institutions, but able to scale to the largest.

It will improve your corporate actions data, ensuring no event is missed or erroneous information provided to and acted upon by internal decision makers or external clients. It will provide processing visibility against workflows specific to any event type, ensuring compliance to best practice and adhesion to internal/market deadlines. It will manage the dissemination of information to those who make the decisions, especially voluntary events, recording the resulting instructions, allocating and reporting them correctly across multiple custodians.

The Corporate Actions solution, with its highly configurable and modular architecture, can deployed either as a hosted service or on premise.

Reduce Risk

Ensure that events are not missed, or processed against incorrect information and dates

Compliance to company/industry best practice by using pre-defined workflows

Automation eliminates manual entry and associated errors

Reduce Cost

Improvements in straight-through processing allow more to be managed with less, driving productivity up and costs down

Staff resources can be redeployed to more pressing operational functions

Hosted deployment allows a greater focus on delivering services rather than maintaining the associated infrastructure

Improve Service

Vital resources are freed to concentrate on providing client/internal service

Proactive client interaction opportunities are presented either directly or via a client portal

Seamless integration with any application provides a single view of the client

Better Growth

Greater process efficiency facilitates business growth and reduces incremental costs

Scalability and hosted deployment ensure there are no caps to future growth

Checks and controls provide visibility of process bottlenecks, enabling resolution

Notification Management

Capture data from single or multiple sources in any format

Automatic creation and maintenance of a master copy, including notification updates

Creation and distribution of templated notices to clients and/or internal stakeholders

Event Diarisation

User-defined workflows for each event type embed best practice in all daily operations

Visibility of internal and external timelines, including market deadlines

Automated reminders, alerts and escalations to ensure timely processing

Election Management

Identifies clients and/or internal decision makers to whom an election applies

Generates necessary communications and monitors responses against a defined workflow

Consolidates the resulting instructions and allocates them to the correct custodian

Entitlement Processing

Calculates holding level and gross entitlements, reconciling these against custodians

Creates the necessary transactions and imports these into the back office

Supports MiFID II transaction reporting of corporate actions

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