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A highly scalable system to automate complete custody and settlement operations, minimise exposure to risk and improve decision making

The back office forms the backbone of any financial organisation, but is often under appreciated. Due to the nature of its work (high volume and a lot of detail) it is also probably the location of most of an organisations inefficiency and consequently, possibly the greatest source of potential gains in productivity.

The Contemi Custody and Settlement solution is designed to create efficiencies and reduce risk through automation. However, not only does it allow you to create straight through processing and best practice, its workflows are highly configurable ensuring that you can automate your way, encapsulating the essence of what makes you unique and what differentiates your offerings. This flexibility also future proofs your back office, providing the ability to introduce new business models and products in the future, or in adapting to new regulatory challenges.

Reduce Risk

Improved automation and strait through processing enforces best practice and reduces manual errors

Daily reconciliation with custodial/CDP records ensuring that transaction and holdings records are correct, or flagging exceptions allowing for timely rectification

Keep the regulators at bay by ensuring compliance with present regulations

Increased Efficiencies/Reduced Costs

Improvements in straight through processing allows more to be managed with less, driving productivity up and costs down

Configuration flexibility allows automation of your bespoke practices, capturing your unique value propositions

Enable Growth

Ensure that scalability in your back office does not impede your plans to grow both AUM and account numbers

Flexibility in configuration allows you to change or add business models, facilitating great nimbleness and the ability to pursue new market niche

Supported Structures and Accounts

Full support for both Model A and Model B settlement models

The management of both segregated and omnibus client custody account structures

Provision of general trading and specific purpose (ISA, SIPs etc.) accounts including tax reporting, for example ISA14, ISA25 and Electronic Returns

Custody and Settlement

Records and segments client money within cash books facilitating CASS compliance

Provides a security transaction book of record

Crest gateway (two way integration) and / or messaging and integration to other CDPs and custodians

Automated tools to ensure both cash and security positions are in line with custodial records for both segregated and omnibus account structures

Full integration to WIN’s Reconciliation module if high levels of sophistication are required

A comprehensive security master file, recording reference and price data for most instrument types

Fully configurable workflows enabling automated straight through processing and management by exception

Configurable general ledger account structure

Regulations & Reporting

Single layer, data source of truth to facilitate all form of reporting including client, transaction, tax (Capital Gains Tax), and regulatory

Counterparty and large exposure risk reporting

Compliant with all present regulations including MiFID II, FATCA, and CRS/AEOI reporting

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