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Local market clearing system for Investment Banks and Stockbrokers

Since 'Cross-border' trading is now customary, it becomes a challenge for Investment Bank or Stockbroker to process their trades – they can either settle on a local broker within the overseas market or establish a local broking business in the overseas market.

Contemi’s D-Clear handles specific local market functions and Depository & Exchange messaging communication requirements. It allows Investment Banks and Brokers to deploy their corporate settlement systems in local markets where they have established broking operations without having the overhead or develop and maintain specific local functionality in that system.

D-Clear acts as an interface between the Depository & Stock Exchange and the firm’s own settlement system and takes care of all the specific processing and messaging requirements enabling the firm’s system to be deployed across all markets more efficiently.

Bringing Efficiency & Accuracy

Simplifies cross-border trade contracting

Increase operational efficiency by automating manual processes, using workflow-based rule engines

Can be deployed across all markets efficiently

Scalable & Flexible

Built on the latest technology, it scales your future business growth

Save on deployment and technology costs with cloud hosting options and browser-based user interface

The rules-based engine allows you to update configurations for instant system changes without costly code development and upgrades.

Lower Cost & Risk

Lower cost and risk with its fully compliant cross-border message libraries

Improve international payment straight-through processing (STP) rates

Lower per-transaction cost and strengthen cross-border payment margins

Market Specific Functions

Web based GUI processing and enquiry screens for market specific functions, such as:

  • Investor creation
  • Netting engine
  • EDO Market Data Reconciliation
  • Exception Manager

Business User GUI to support local market functions that are not available by either a local market terminal or the firm's settlement system.

Inetraction With The Settlement System

All D-CLEAR GUI server functions can be integrated into the firm's settlement system GUI providing the user with a single GUI for settlement processing

Messages are passed between D-CLEAR and the firm's settlement system in industry standard IS015022 / IS020022 formats

Enables the firm's settlement system to create generic formatted messages regardless of the market

An IBML message bus to manage all communication between the firm's settlement system and D-CLEAR

Settlement Message Flows

Sits between the firm's settlement system and the depository, translating and processing all stock and cash instructions and settlement status messages

Messaging Engine provides a translation, enrichment, and routing facility for all message communications

A gateway to manage the communication between the Clearing Engine and the depository

An exception is raised, and an alert message is sent to the firm's settlement system for undelivered or failed messages

Configuration data storage to support message translation and routing.

Settlement Data State Storage to keep track of all transaction statuses

Workflow Management to manages the scheduling of processes and the timing of the message creation

Exception Manager to identify any exceptions in the messaging process

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