Fees & Invoicing

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Automated framework to support the fees management, billing and reconciliation operations in asset and wealth management

Today, transparency is high on the private client agenda and enshrined in the MiFID II regulations. A simple, transparent charging structure and a frank ongoing dialogue about what is being charged, when, how and why is not only required by the regulators, but it is also essential to maintaining client confidence.

Contemi Wealth Intelligence's fee processing module is a flexible and automated framework to support the calculation and charging of any fee type or structure. It provides wealth managers, stockbrokers, asset managers and intermediaries with a viable solution to easily manage the complex sharing of fees and reduce the level of manual processing.

The system is scalable and can easily support new business while simultaneously maintaining all existing and often complex arrangements with clients, advisors and other stakeholders. With the choice of a hosted or deployed setup, the system can be seamlessly integrated with any third party application.

Mitigate Risks

Avoid the awkward conversation with the regulators, fore fill your MiFID II Cost Disclosure and client reporting requirements

Take 'manual' out of your fees process, and reduce your errors

Improve Efficiency

Improve your P&L by understanding who your most profitable clients are

Create greater efficiency and reduce costs through automation and straight through processing

Improved fee collection, including 'insufficient funds' management

Business Growth

Scalable and flexible – no ceilings to future growth or functional barriers to new business models

Better financial controls by improved revenue and cash flow forecasting

Fee Calculation

Automates the calculation of fees and creates transparency by providing a review process

Fees can be calculated on behalf of third parties (adviser, charges etc...)

Flexible fee calculation methodologies including fixed value, percentage, tiered, and can be offset against commission and safe custody

Allows the application of multiple fees

Different fee components can be constructed into a single fee based on multiple criteria


Flexibility in generating accruals over any specified frequency e.g. daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly

Retain existing business and win new customers

Accurately calculated, recorded and reported accruals allow for a better revenues and cash flow forecasting

Interrogation and Transparency

Facilitates MiFID II ex post and ex ante cost disclosure

Comprehensive management information and exception reporting including Fee Calculation, Fee Accrual, Billing, Exclusions, Reconciliation, and Standing Data. Reports can be sliced and diced by Fee Type, Branch, Executive, Third Party, and Client

The fees process is audited at every stage

Invoicing and Collection

The ability to configure the invoicing, reserving and collection of fees in line with your business model

Automates the communication of fees to your client by generating invoices, advices and covering letters.

Flexibility to calculate and accrue fees against one account, but collected against another or splitting against several

Manages the process of 'insufficient funds'