Financial Data Management

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A comprehensive solution to help insurers overcome their accounting and finance information challenges

One of the key communication areas insurers have with customers, particularly private customers is around payments. Customers with multiple policies and who may make multiple changes to a policy often result in questions about their payments.

The back-office users need to have the right level and appropriate access to the financial interaction with a customer to answer their questions and avoid the need to hand them over to the accounting department.

Contemi’s Financial system is aimed at meeting this primary need. It is currently built-in with other Contemi modules, with increasing functionality to reduce the burden on the integrated underlying accounting system.

Access To Information

All financial transactions in one spot to view a customer’s account across policies, claims and even re-insurance

Flag the automatic cancellation of completely unpaid policies and termination of part paid policies

Drill down to the composition of invoices

Better Decisions

Provides insight into business & current activity to take better & timely decisions

Enables deeper understanding by digging into details

Reduce Cost & Time

Requires minimal IT support or assistance

Reduce the need and cost of customisations for any accounting system not yet integrated with

Seamless Integration

Two-way integration with any internal and external systems, including policy and claims systems, through automated integration

Integrates with Microsoft NAVision and other accounting systems

Timely Insights

Real-time and simply presented information

Simple access to Financial data from Accounts System

Easy Reporting

Serves as the central hub for all your financial data

Deliver timely, informative reports with ready access to information