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Support for every step of Post-Trade Processing

Global securities markets are constantly evolving; regulatory and technological pressures have led the securities industry to update its post-trade technology and infrastructure. Industry participants consequently need to be compliant with the latest regulations, enhancements and technologies.

Market participants must ensure they have post trade solutions that are modern enough to enable them to support their business efficiently and flexible enough to minimize the disruption and cost caused by regulatory changes.

A modular and highly configurable multi-market, multi-currency, multi-entity, multi-asset class solution NOVA helps investment banks and stockbrokers to support and automate their post trade processes.

Reducing Costs

Reduce costs of post trade processing in terms of both resource and system costs

Enables post trade system consolidation

Reduced Regulatory Risk

Increase STP and minimize exceptions and settlement failures

Faster implementation of business enhancements, regulatory & compliance changes

Increased Operational Efficiency

Increased operational efficiency via a centralised corporate action processing engine with extensive integration points

Reduction of manual processes and increased automation

Nova Base

A suite of modules designed for processing local and international business in a specific market including interfaces into local CSDs and Regulatory Reports.

Market specific functionality supported includes Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and the UK markets.

Nova Confirm

Enables brokers to automate the generation and distribution of trade confirmations via a range of different methods and mediums including electronic trade confirmation (ETC), OMGEO CTM, e-mail, fax and hard copy.

Nova Margin

A multi-market, multicurrency, multi-collateral share margin financing and risk management solution

Designed and developed to provide brokers with cross border and multi-product financing and margining capabilities.

Nova Custody

Consolidate and manage client custody positions regardless of market or asset types.

Supports configurable custody fee calculations and client custody statements.

Nova Corporate Actions

A multi-market, multi-currency corporate action engine that provides processing continuity for corporate events occurring in both domestic and international markets.