Performance Measurement

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A comprehensive performance measurement and attribution solution to provide greater transparency to the stakeholders

It can be argued that wealth management exists to make its clients richer, and is believed to be one of the main reasons for choosing an investment manager. But how are you going to measure how much richer you have made your clients? And how much was down to the value that you have added, and not just the general market movement?

As a performance analyst, you need to provide analysis and reporting to multiple stakeholders. Contemi Wealth Intelligence’s Performance Measurement solution allows you to calculate the performance of individual holdings, accounts, clients and reporting groups. It allows you to compare these against benchmarks and facilitates deeper contribution and attribution analysis. It is a comprehensive tool, which empowers you to operate efficiently and make the best possible investment decisions.

Improved Client Service

Provide all, or just some, of your clients the ability to track how their investments are performing relative to the market or benchmark

Maintain a better understanding of how you are servicing your customers, and how much is down to your actions, or those of the market

Reduce Risk

Develop effective business strategies - measure and report performance against objectives

Retain existing business and win new customers

Drive efficiency, grow revenue and improve margins

Increased Efficiencies/Reduced Costs

Automation enables you to provide this additional service at little or no additional resources

Performance measures

GIPS compliant Time Weighted Rate of Return (TWRR) or Modified Dietz performance calculation methodologies

Performance can be calculated by holdings and/or consolidated over an account, client or reporting group

And compared against that of one or more benchmarks, or composite benchmarks

Augmented performance analysis

Performance contribution provides a better understanding of how the performance was achieved

And attribution (BHB model) allows you to identify the effects of your asset allocation and stock picking choices

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