Policy Management

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A fully integrated policy lifecycle management solution for insurance industry

At the core of any insurance business is the policy management system. It can no longer be just the back-office system for storing and managing policies. It needs to be able to meet the contemporary needs of the insurance industry and be able to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive, diverse and fast-paced industry.

Contemi Policy System can fulfil these needs. It is designed from the ground-up to meet the current focus on digitalisation and to be well positioned to adapt to the next industry trend. At its heart is full life-cycle support from quick quote to policy, optional MTAs and through to renewal – and naturally accessed as a web-based system.

Increase Efficiency

Enter a minimum of information to get a quote

Find and get access to customers, quotes and policies quickly

Streamlining of the issuance process to get the policy to the customer fast


Able to handle all types of insurance products for the private and commercial markets in the same installation

Easy to adapt to different customer and sales models, including web portal and mobile app based self-service solutions

Developed for digital business models and integrability with other systems

Role based permission driven with feature switching to align the system to your processes

Flexible product maintenance

Enable Growth

The system will scale as your business grows. Contemi Policy System has been re-designed from the ground up to be highly performant and scalable.

Quick to add new direct, partnered, brokers and call-centre sales channels

Pain free branding (white labelling) for sales channel's documents and emails

Improved Self Service

Using our “soft versioning” technique our customers can update pricing factors, lookups (e.g. car make and mode) themselves

New sales channels can be added as needed

Document templates and email templates can be modified to reflect changing business requirements, previewing possible with different data sets

Control over which products can be sold on each sales channel

Insurance Process

Flexible sales process, policy fulfilment, optional (multiple) policy adjustments, renewals, policy cancellation and termination processes

Ability to import pre-sold policies

Ability to alter the start and end date of a policy

Multi-carrier support

Multi-cover per product as well as multiple risks per product

Calculated or manually maintained premiums


Start date and end date can be set for when a product is available for sales (by channel)

Easy to add and configure user roles and respective permissions

Flexible organisational structure used to control which quotes and policies a user can access

Easy to add purchase constraints with role-based approval process

Highly flexible control of user interactions for data gathering

Event history (audit) of all actions affecting a customer, their quotes and policies


Support for multiple taxes and fees per product

Written and Earned premium transactions available

Multiple payment methods and schedules plus the ability to customise payment schedules

Broker commission and fronting company fees – as percentages or absolute amounts

Multi-currency support


Seamless integration with other Contemi systems, incorporating Single Sign On

Able to integrate with external identity providers, motor registries, credit checks, etc.

Messaging framework to enable bespoke processing