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With the growing digitalisation, many insurance companies are looking for ways to transform underwriting policies, managing claims process etc. A digital transformation will improve the business performance and enrich customer experience.

Contemi has been developing digital apps for many years and has wide experience in this field. We have developed various customer point of sale portals and apps for the Insurance industry that covers customer self-service and Insurtech solutions.

This provides the customers a self-service functionality where the customer has access to his policies, documents, claims, invoices information etc. He can also contact his agent at the Insurance company through the app.

Contemi has also worked on a few Insurtech solutions for mobile apps within AI and Chatbot functionalities for Insurance.

Reduces Costs

Reduce manual support with self-service portal

No other investment is needed if you have modern customer self-service portals

Customer retention is easier with the personalised benefit programs. Retaining customer is often less expensive than attracting new customers.

Enhance Customer Service

Give them access to detailed information from anywhere anytime

Make customers feel appreciated with personalised loyalty programs

Improve Productivity

Agents and representatives can provide better care to each customer if they have access to all the information in one place

Can spend more time with the customer that doesn’t use their self-service portal

Increase Sales

With personalised the experience, you can make better suggestions to your customers

Opportunities for up sale and cross sale through gathered data

Sales & Agent Portals

A good modern Agent Portal will enhance agent experiences and their productivity. If equipped with the right tools, they can do their jobs more effectively and increase sales effectiveness, which will enable further growth and profitability for the company.

Contemi helps to create modern and effective sales & agent portals for the insurance companies. The sales portals are directly integrated to our platform to give customers an interactive experience while searching for a suitable product.

We have a lot of experience in building customer journeys to give customers a smooth experience during the purchase of their product. We also provide insight into the journey to backend users who would like to help customers during the process or even gather information about how well their business works and where they need to improve.

Self Service Portal

A self-service portal is also usually part of the customer portal where customers get access to their insurance information like policies, claims, invoices etc. They can submit claims from the web interface and also document the claim with images and other reference documents.

The self-service portals are a key to the business as they help reduce manual labor and enable customers to perform high-value transactions like managing their products.

Loyalty And Membership Apps

Everyone wants to take good care of their customers and members, but loyalty does not come by itself. That is why Contemi tailors loyalty solutions in every case, where we exploit the smartphones unique interface and popularity to present advantages adapted to each individual recipient.

Experience shows that if the users get the most important information like news, discount agreements, bonuses presented in a good fashion in a mobile interface, this will contribute to increased sales and more loyalty. Examples of this are the apps we have created for housing associations throughout Norway.

Another example is the digital member cards in our apps, enabling the user to always know where the member card is, at the same time as contributing to reduced costs, as well as being environment friendly, since you don't have to print and ship physical cards.

We can develop apps for native iOS or Android platforms. We also develop our mobile apps using the Xamarin framework from Microsoft, enabling us to develop iOS and Android applications simultaneously with native user-interfaces (UI) and user-experience (UX). Xamarin contributes to shortening development time and thereby reduce costs for you as a customer.

We assume the responsibility for operations and further development of the app, so you can focus on distributing content to your customers or members. We also offer support of our solutions, with an agreed-upon SLA (Service Level Agreement).