Portfolio Management

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All the tools and information needed by investment or portfolio managers in one place

As portfolios become more diverse, it becomes more complex for financial advisors and investment and fund managers to manage all the data that goes into managing a healthy portfolio.

Contemi Wealth Intelligence’s Portfolio Management module is an integrated and feature rich solution for decision making, knowledge and relationship management. The solution consists of a suite of components providing rich client information interlaced with extensive market data. It allows firms to become more efficient, deliver better client service and achieve high levels of STP throughout their business.

Users can generate ad-hoc current and back dated valuations with multi-level allocation schemes for portfolio analysis and reporting. The dashboard views are where information finds the user, with customisable widgets that give instant access to extensive Client/Valuation/Trade information, Activities, Market research data and in-house/3rd party systems.

Improved Client Servicing

Automation of background processes frees time which can be used to focus on providing a quality, personalised client service

Provides a real time, holistic view of the client and portfolios, improving client engagement and speeding the resolution of requests and queries

A full reporting suite providing asset and cash transaction reporting, position level return calculations, investment and risk model drift

Reduced Risk

Process automation ensures that all activities comply to regulatory and industry best practice

Visibility of all assets and the tools necessary to monitor them enables better investment decisions and minimal drift from a client's mandated risk appetite

Pre trade vetting and authorisation reduces errors downstream

Enhanced Productivity

Increased automation improves efficiencies, allowing investment managers to manage more with less resources

Web distribution allows 'any time, any place, any how' access to information and functionality; sat in the office or shoulder to shoulder with the client

Advanced portfolio modelling and automated trade processing removes the day to day administration, allowing more time to be spent on more important activities

Improved Growth

Improved rates of straight through processing removes barriers to future growth

Hosted, managed service provides scalability on demand, removing all software, hardware or associated system maintenance reasons for limiting growth

Improved automation reduces the bottle neck of limited human resources as they can be redeployed to more business critical tasks

360 View of your Clients

Dashboards allow you to view your clients' personal details and KYC information, in addition to accessing client documentation and reports. These are user configurable, ensuring that your information is presented the way you want to see it

The dashboards also provide account information, providing you with the detail of a client's transactions (including their status), holdings, valuations and performance

You are able to monitor your clients' compliance and drift against their suitability / risk mandates and flag proximity to the MiFID II 10% depreciation threshold

And when discussing remotely by phone, you are able to toggle to the client's view ensuring that you and your client are aligned in what you see and therefore what you are talking about

Initiate Transactions

The module allows you to initiate, monitor and manage security and cash transactions through to execution

Comprehensive and configurable trade restriction and validation checks ensure compliance

Intelligent, rules based routing makes sure all orders are directed to the correct trading platform or venue

Additionally, order can be bulked and allocations managed across clients against actual delivered quantities

Portfolio Management and Modelling

Fully configurable asset allocation and model portfolios provide the ability and scalability to industrialise the process of managing a large number of accounts

Models can be used either to monitor a client or portfolio for compliance or against a risk mandate, or for the purpose of rebalancing

Substitution/equivalence provides the flexibility to give a highly personalised service without significantly increasing the number of managed models

The functionality can also be used for bulk switching and disposals

Minimum order size and unit rounding are all fully managed