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A comprehensive, functionally rich, flexible and user-friendly solution for all your Reinsurance Administration Needs

Spreading the risk is a fundamental principle of insurance. Therefore, insurers spreading their risk through re-insurance is a fundamental process for any insurance company. Many insurers still use the legacy systems to manage their reinsurance business.

The Contemi Reinsurance System is a fully-fledged web-based solution for reinsurance, which helps reinsurers and brokers manage agreements overview, claims handling and other complex reinsurance processes while improving data quality, compliance, and operational efficiencies.

Improve Efficiency

Business processes and operational support from reinsurance calculations and processes dramatically improve operational effectiveness and efficiency

Handling of complex multi-contract agreements with multiple layers and aggregates within or across contracts

Better Decision Making

View the financial information at all levels of an agreement

User interface organised to allow you to drill down and view the type of information you need fast

Save Time

Reduced complexity and dependency on few key individuals in the Reinsurance department

Highly scalable and secured

Seamless Integration

Integrated with Claims Management for handling of claims

Seamless integration with other Contemi core components, incorporating single sign on

Streamline Operations

Distribution of premium, commissions and cost in line with the shareholding of each party

Distribution of premium and commission per layer according to the share held by each stakeholder

Distribution of Claims according to split between brokers and stakeholders

Automatic claim distribution between layers as well as manual distribution (for complex agreements)

User Friendly Interface

Multi-broker layers, with multiple stakeholder / securities on each level

Reference either a policy or a set of covers (interests) on contract level

Clean and intuitive User Interface with ability to handle very large values