Helping insurers, brokers and agents elevate their digital distribution, customer experience, and end-to-end processes seamlessly

Greater customer expectations and rapidly evolving technologies are driving the need for digital evolution in the insurance industry. Most insurers understand that digital first approach is critical and want to respond urgently, but they are stuck in a quagmire of legacy technology. Complex legacy IT systems hinder their ability to improve customer experience and expand market share. Contemi’s Seamless platform changes this.

Seamless is a cloud native one stop digital insurance software as a service (SaaS) platform. It aims to tackle high cost and low digital enablement in the insurance industry. The platform is built around holistic customer management and multichannel sales. With a microservice architecture, it enables optimal fit for insurers business needs.

Reduced Costs

Since insurers pay for Seamless based on usage, they can reduce redundancies and achieve economies of scale in run and maintenance costs

Eliminates the need to pay licensing fees

Reduces the IT burden on the insurer in terms of hardware, software and people needed to manage systems

Better Business Growth

Enhanced customer experience retains existing customers, and also helps to attract the new ones

The cloud-native Seamless perfectly meets the emerging needs of the customers, partners and helps insurers stand out from the competition

Insurers can quickly test and deploy new technologies and robust solutions very efficiently

Higher Productivity

Seamless reduces the time and efforts required to maintain and upgrade your core system

More time for teams to focus on innovation, the customer experience, and product development

Its real-time data and simplified access help insurers with a holistic view to better understand customer needs and increase their efficiency

Greater Scalability

As a SaaS native platform, Seamless gives insurers instant scalability based on their products, markets and customers size

Since every organization is set up differently, Seamless provides full flexibility with simple configurations

Speed To Market

Enables insurers to rapidly configure, launch and distribute innovative insurance products and customer experiences across all lines of business in days rather than months

Simple drag and drop and low-code/no-code functionality accelerates time to market

Improved User Experience

Personalised portals meet the diversified, individual needs of customers, brokers, agents, and employers

Improves the customer/broker experience, employee engagement and operational efficiency

End-To-End Value Chain

Everything needed to sell and service complex insurance from a single platform

Modular solutions for the entire value chain- Quote, Underwriting, Policy Management , Product Builder and Management, Finance and Payment Integrations, Invoice, Commissions & Fees, Reinsurance, Claims Management and Settlement Price Engine

Sales & Customer Management

Extremely flexible and omnichannel marketing, sales, and customer engagement capabilities

Leads, Sales, Pipeline and Campaign Management, Distribution and Sales Channels, User Management, Workflow and Case management, Accounts, Integration Service, API Gateway, API Builder and Open API Documentation, Internal Chat, Livechat, Whatsapp, Line, Telephony, and Complete Real-time Insights

Omni Channel Distribution

Sell through white label omnichannel portals, apps, or the phone directly

Utilise campaign management to target specific customers

Flexible reporting and dashboards for agents and brokers

Fast, Flexible, Seamless Integrations

REST APIs to core systems with flexible integrations to suit legacy systems

Open API policy to ensure seamless connections and utilization of data

Cloud Environment

Seamless is powered by AWS and delivered as a service

Secure, agile and cost-effective architecture

Workflow, Rules Engine

Preconfigured workflow and case types to create quick and satisfying user experience

Scalable to support new engagement models

Low code and no-code environment to seamlessly visualize processes, change business rules and automate correspondence

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