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Increase Efficiency

Replacing your legacy system with Contemi claims management software can improve your operational efficiency

Configurable to a low level of granularity for the cover claim type and element for better analysis

Automated workflows will reduce manual workarounds and tasks

Improve Customer Service

Customer communication and notification possible via web portal and/or mobile app.

Reduced cycle times, which can positively impact customer satisfaction and improve retention

Lower Expenses

Designed to handle all types of insurance product from a single platform

Find fraudulent activity with integration of appropriate country wide claims registrars

Integrable to manage claims from any policy system not just Contemi’s

Tailored, by configuration, views of policy information during the claims process

End-To-End Processing

Register and re-open claims, manage reserves, make payments, register claim handling costs

Create payments for the claimant or third-party suppliers as needed in the required currency

Able to set percentage of auto-approved payments, others checked randomly by specific users

Set limits that require secondary approval

Set percentage of approvals that need to be checked by specific users

Add notes and reminders to coordinate between different claim handlers

Seamless Integration

Inbound APIs for integration with third parties such as garages fitting windscreens to view policies and initiate claims automatically

Outbound APIs (to check and register claims in national registries)

Seamless integration with other Contemi modules, incorporating Single Sign On

Integration with Contemi Financial module to check for payment status of a policy when registering a claim

Configurable Claims Rules

Role configuration allows fine control over permissions as well as authorisation levels (of payment amounts for certain products)

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