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Fully audited, automated straight through processing (STP) from order capture to execution and transaction reporting

Contemi’s Trading and Order Management solution simplifies the functions of capturing, routing, bulking and trading orders. It allows dealers to manually or automatically complete these tasks efficiently, so they can process more orders in less time.

By reducing the time needed for dealers to complete day-to-day tasks, the module's bulking functionality helps dealers get the best price for their clients. These orders can then be either manually executed or automatically routed to the relevant market service.

Increased Efficiencies/Reduced Costs

Automated STP significantly improves productivity and reduces the need for costly manual intervention, driving productivity up and incremental costs down

The ability to bulk orders allows dealers get the best prices whilst providing an opportunity to reduce market charges

Improved Client Service

Out of the box integration to many execution venues, platforms and markets give you the ability to provide greater investment choice to your clients or investment managers

Automated STP and intelligent routing ensures orders are executed quickly and efficiently

Reduce client costs by sharing some of the market charge savings (at last, something to highlight in your MiFID II cost disclosure reports?)

Reduced Risk, Enable Growth

Pre and post trade vetting and authorisation rules ensure compliance to client suitability and mandates

Automated STP facilitates ‘industry best practice’ and eliminating the risk of manual intervention

Mistakes (they do happen) can become learning experiences as the full audit identifies exactly what went wrong

STP removes transaction volume ceilings and other barriers to growing your business

Automation frees up your resources to concentrate on more productive functions


Order capture and trade enrichment initiated by the front office, the client (in the event of self service), or automatically generated through portfolio modelling

Support for all transaction types

Comprehensive and configurable pre and post trade vetting and authorisation rules

Pre trade risk mandate/compliance checks

Order Management

Order status and process monitoring

Amendments at any stage of the transaction lifecycle, even post trade, including all the underlying processing and third party messaging

Configurable order bulking rules

Management of partial orders, both individual and bulked (including allocation)

Trade blotter with configurable filtered queues simplifies day to day tasks for dealers

Configurable and flexible charges management supporting both client and market

Order and Transaction Routing

Intelligent pre-execution order routing to multiple venues, platforms and markets, enabling manual or straight through processing (STP) through to execution

Post execution transaction routing through to regulators, custodian / CSDs, pension providers and fund administrators

Support of proprietary, ISO and FIX messaging standards providing integration to market participants

Transaction Reporting

Bespoke contract notes generation and distribution

MiFID II transaction reporting and Best Execution

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