Future member-app for housing associations

The housing associations members-app provides benefits for both the associations and their members. Contemi has been responsible for the development of the app which is available for half a million Norwegian home-owners. The experience so far shows significant growth in turnover through the housing associations partners after the release of the app.

Watershed for communication

The new app is developed via "Boligbyggelagens Partner" (BBLP) on behalf of the owners, which are 46 Norwegian housing associations throughout Norway.
Business development manager in BBLP, Jon R. Grimsbo, views the new app, with the digital membership card as a giant step-up for member communication in the housing associations.

– This is much more than a digital member card, it's more of a digital solution, providing our members access to all information and all benefits on a mobile plattform. Member benefits are a central part of a membership in a housing association, where the members gain a bonus through purchase of goods. When a member performs a purchase at one of the partners, the bonus is added directly through the app, and can easily be transferred from there to the individual account.

We believe this will lead to a bigger consciousness around the member benefits, so that more members perceive their housing association membership as valuable. There was no alternative, except bringing the benefits out to the users via their smartphones, and we have already seen a very positive development in turnover through our associated partners after the release of this app.


Jon R. Grimsbo sitter ved et bord og holder en mobil
En iPhone som viser en side i Bob BBL son medlemsapp
Jon Grimsbo viser frem versjon 1 av Bob BBL sin medlemsapp på en iPhone

Jon R. Grimsbo in BBLP very satisfied with being able to offer the members a digital member-card with smart functions

Dynamic platform

For BBLP three was never any doubt that a digital member card was necessary for the housing associations in the future market. They worked out a comprehensive requirement specification initially, and are very happy with the results delivered by Contemi. – We wished for a digital service for smartphones, where today's offers and services are available, at the same time as everything is built upon a dynamic platform where the app can be continually improved and developed further. The cooperation with Contemi has been tidy and good all the way, and the delivery has been the way we wanted, says Jon R. Grimsbo.