Partnership provides growth for Vardia

Solutions adapted to the business model
Rune Olsen Arneberg explains that they initially chose Contemi's solutions, because they where adapted to entrepreneurial companies, both technologically and cost-wise.

Experience demonstrated this was a good choice.

There is no doubt that Contemi's solutions are a perfect match for our business model, where active use of callcentres, and cooperation with large member organisations are central.
In addition we see that Contemi is a well-run company, consisting of skilled people, and that the solutions are built on a modern platform that is being continually developed. When they have also proven that they are able to tailor the solutions to our business model and our growth, it's easy to see that we chose the right partner for our most critical IT-solutions, he explains.


Growth each year since the beginning

The growth in Vardia has been strong, and the company was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in April 2014. Their services are offered to private and business customers throughout Scandinavia, with their headquarters in Oslo and callcentres in ten different places in Scandinavia. Through cooperation with organisations like BBL, Mekonomen, and many Swedish partners they have gained access to new customer groups, within what Vardia defines as their core areas.

- For private insurance we are targeting customers in the age group between 30 and 65 years, and in the business market we target small and medium sized companies. For the member organisations we cooperate with, the insurance offer is perceived as a part of the organisational solution, while Vardia is still the insurer. For all our partners we use a unique web-application, that provides our members their own web-portal for insurance services. In a competitive industry with small margins, it's essential that the business critical systems match our way of working. This is undoubtedly the way it is with Contemi Rune Olsen Arneberg says.