Rings in the water provide success

Private insurance from Watercircles in Scandinavia targets responsible people, that are good at taking care of their property.

These are found through cooperation with selected organisations and recommendations from existing customer. When client services speak to the customer, and are logged in to the policy or claims systems, they can at the same time, see all the relevant information about the customer from the CRM-system, such as profitability, recommendations and who the customers personal adviser is. Contemi has been the system supplier and IT-cooperative partner for WaterCircles since their establishment in 2010, and have been responsible for delivery and implementation of both the policy system and the claims system. Integration with the company's CRM-system was a central factor in WaterCircles choice of IT supplier. CEO Jack Skallerud Bråthen describes it this way: Policy- and claims systems are business-critical systems, where uptime, availability and functionality must be at the highest level. The unique part of our business model is that the information from the CRM-system must be available at the same time, so that each customer get personal service and attention. When thinking untraditionally in a traditional business, you also require a partner on the IT end, that is willing to think untraditionally. That is why we chose to cooperate with Contemi.