Customer Management & Digitalisation

Contemi Customer Management (CCM) and Digital solutions can be integrated with different Core systems within P&C, Life, Pension and Captive Insurance solutions and solutions for Agents and Brokers.

Our Solution can be integrated using APIs with existing core systems to meet future needs. In case of clients who have multiple core systems, Contemi Customer Management and digital solutions can be integrated with all core systems to produce a streamlined working platform for effective Customer Management.

We cover the following:

* Customer Management
* Omni-Channel
* Digital Sales Channels (Web, App)
* Digital Self-service (Web, App)
* Digital Claims processing (Web, App)
* Digital Customer Journey

Contemi Customer Management (CCM)

Contemi Customer Management adds value to existing systems and customer information through a unified Dashboard which communicates seamlessly with multiple core systems. CCM is a powerful solution for the whole organisation where employees working with Customer Service can get a 360 degree overview of a customers profile with information related to Policies, Claims, Finance, Email, History etc. all in one unified view. This results in better and effective customer management from all levels in the organisation thereby resulting in faster service time, greater customer satisfaction and greater ROI.


Different modules of Contemi Customer Management

Contemi CM has been developed based on the needs and requirements from various Insurance companies. The solutions meets the different needs of the different departments in a company using the solution. We have the following modules available:

* Customer module
* Sales module
* Campaign module
* Service & Tasks module

The modules are integrated with various core systems such that the data is made available based on the needs. CCM makes it possible to digitalise various processes and develop a Customer Journey for improved customer engagement.

Customer and Sales module

The Customer module consists of:

* Customer profile
* 360 degree overview across all information: Policies, Quotes, Claims, Finance, Communication etc.
* Integration with Mail, Calendar and Telephony
* Document and mail history on customer level
* Document templates for mail, SMS and App communication
* Dashboard module for Statistics and Reports
* Integration to Social Media

The Sales module consists of:

* Prospects with probability level indicator
* Lead conversion from prospect to customer
* Customised Workflows for sales process
* Import Leads and assign to groups or people
* Dashboard reports on Sales, Leads, Prospects

Marketing and Service module

The Campaign module consists of:

* Import leads from core systems or external / 3rd party systems
* Process campaigns to various channels (Email, SMS, App)
* Setup Target Groups
* Dashboard Statistics and Reports

The Service module consists of:

* Task registration from multiple channels like Email, Web, Social Media, Apps
* Follow-up of tasks based on customised Workflows
* SLA (Service Level Agreement) customised service time and notifications
* Dashboard statistics and reports at various levels and for various roles