Apps and loyalty solutions

Are you contemplating development of a customer or member-app with an associated loyalty program?

After several years work with benefits-programs, we have gained special expertise on solutions for clients/associations/organisations/sports teams. Give your customers or members access to all information, campaigns and membership benefits in one place. Solutions contributing to increased sales, better communication and increased loyalty.

Do you have needs for other types of apps or for web development we might be able to help you.

Contemi has more than 15 years experience with software development. We put a lot of focus on a close dialogue with our customers where quality, user-friendliness and streamlining are central to the software being developed.


App og lojalitetsløsninger
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Discounts, bonuses and digital member cards

Everyone wants to take good care of their customers and members, but loyalty does not come by itself. That is why Contemi tailors loyalty solutions in every case, where we exploit the smartphones unique interface and popularity to present advantages adapted to each individual recipient.

Experience shows that if the users get the most important information like news, discount agreements, bonuses presented in a good fashion in a mobile interface, this will contribute to increased sales and more loyalty. Examples of this are the apps we have created for housing associations throughout Norway.

Another example is the digital member cards in our apps, enabling the user to always know where the member card is, at the same time as contributing to reduced costs, as well as being climate friendly, since you don't have to print and ship physical cards.

iOS, Android and publishing

We prefer to develop our mobile apps using the Xamarin framework from Microsoft, enabling us to develop iOS and Android applications with native user-interfaces (UI) and user-experience (UX). At the same time Xamarin contributes to shortening development time and thereby reduce costs for you as a customer.

We have also developed a publishing tool, enabling you to communicate directly with your members or customers via the app. This is both more efficient and cost-saving. It is also possible to retrieve content from existing websites for distribution to the app.

What is the cost of developing an app?

In short, the price is dependant on the required functionality, however we have made several choices that contribute to shortening the development time, thereby reducing cost. Choice of frameworks, programming language, proprietary modules and outsourcing technical development to our departments in Vietnam, makes Contemi able to offer highly cost-effective solutions to predictable and fixed costs.

Understandable dialogue, operations and support

As our customer, you get a contact person able to explain matters that can be quite technical, in a simple and understandable fashion. This simplifies the decision making process and makes it easy to make good decisions along the way during the development process.

We assume the responsibility for operations and further development of the app, so you can focus on distributing content to your customers or members. We also offer support of our solutions, with an agreed-upon SLA (Service Level Agreement).