Solutions for Property & Casualty Insurance

P&C Insurance Solutions coming from a highly experienced provider created for a new era

The Insurance Industry is evolving faster than ever before. Digital technology is changing the game and creating a competitive advantage. Contemi's solutions are module based and can easily be tailored for a variety of requirements with respect to services and time to market.

Game changer

New startups are establishing new Insurance services with agile IT solutions. Contemi's solutions are developed to meet future needs for P&C Insurance. Success in the new age is all about placing the customer first, creating loyalty and delivering quick tailored services rather than general products. With Contemi as a partner, you will get a state-of-the-art P&C Insurance solution developed for the future market.


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Customer is King

Contemi P&C Insurance solution has been developed through many years. We are also aware that technology should not just solve administrative tasks in an effective way but also contribute to create a real competitive edge in a demanding market. Therefore we have one of the best Customer Management Solutions on top of our Core system - Contemi Customer Management System which is tailor made for the Insurance Industry. This is because customer engagement is more important than ever and every customer is unique. Customers want to communicate through different channels in a user-friendly manner and make choices themselves based on their own needs. With our core insurance platform, we can guarantee efficient customer handling related to quotation, policy and claims handling.

The future is here

End-user behaviors are changing. Insurance customers of the future prefer shared economic options with owning cars, boats or even mobile phones. Prices and services are becoming transparent that customers can switch to the cheapest offer with a click of a button. In this reality Contemi offers P&C Insurance Solutions customised to increase customer loyalty and contribute greatly to preventing accidents.