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A robust platform for insurance distribution through banks

The Bancassurance distribution model is growing as more and more insurers and banks launching new alliances all over the globe. A profitable bancassurance project demands efficient operations all around for the bank, insurance company and the customer. A seamless integration with the existing insurance products and core banking applications is necessary to make a bancassurance tie up successful.

Contemi’s Bancassurance solution is designed for financial institutions offering bancassurance services and a channel for insurance distribution across different markets. It covers the entire journey of an insurance customer acquisition, selling, servicing and relationship manager metrics management and supports and automates business processes that are essential for the financial institution.

The solution is modular and therefore can combine various powerful functionality and allows for a flexible setup of the system to customised business needs. The use of cutting-edge technology and modern libraries provides for a smooth and slick interface for the backend systems and the frontend portals. We also provide mobile apps for end users that can be integrated with the platform.