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Needing to migrate from an incumbent insurance system due to scalability, poor performance, hard to maintain or change, or use are not the only reason to look for an alternative insurance system. Other possibilities include:

- the need to quickly launch a new product or whole line of business

- cost effectively leveraging new technology

In such cases Contemi’s start-up solution can be the best option. However, if these are not the reasons and you have a system that is no longer fit for the purpose, then Contemi has a solution for you.

Customer Centric

The first step in modernisation and digitalisation is to adopt Contemi’s customer management system. From day one you have a holistic view of your customers and can build and run campaigns, cross sell and build a better picture of your customers. In addition, you now have options of how to move customers insurances to Contemi’s system (or even other company’s systems). If you already have some form of CRM, firstly is that fit for purpose and if so, you can still gain many of the benefits by using the other Contemi insurance modules.